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Cars to Homes

Car donations can help build homes!

Do you have an older car, truck, van, trailer, or RV taking up valuable space in your yard?

Car donations are another way to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity. When you donate a car to Cars to Homes you will help Habitat for Humanity Huronia build homes in partnership with families in need of affordable home ownership. Helping them with a Hand up, Not a Hand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the vehicle donation process?

  • Click link below and complete the form provided for your vehicle donation online.
  • You will be asked to provide information about the vehicle you wish to donate, including the make, model, vehicle identification number (VIN) and current mileage
  • Most vehicles with proper ownership information are accepted, unless the costs of processing exceed the auction value of the vehicle.

What happens after my vehicle is accepted?

  • You will be contacted and given instructions for processing the vehicle’s ownership.
  • Your donated car is then assigned for pickup and sale.
  • Arrangements are then made to have the ownership processed.
  • You will be contacted to coordinate the vehicle and key pickup by a Habitat for Humanity’s authorized agent.

What happens after my vehicle is picked up?

  • Your vehicle will be sold through auction on behalf of Habitat for Humanity Huronia / ReStore.
  • After the car has been sold, you will receive an acknowledgement letter thanking you for your support and providing the vehicle sale information. With this letter you will also receive an official tax receipt for the amount which the vehicle sold for.

What can I donate?

We accept most vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, trailers, RV’s. There are a few conditions that must be met in order for your vehicle to qualify.

  • Donation has to be made by the registered owner.
  • Vehicle must be registered in Canada.
  • We cannot accept vehicles with major parts missing. Vehicle must be in ‘complete’ state.
  • We cannot accept vehicles with insurance claims against them.
  • We cannot accept vehicles that have been written off
  • We are able to accept vehicles with body damage, granted there are no insurance claims on it.

How do I donate my vehicle?

To donate your vehicle, follow the steps below.

  • From the home page, select the tab ‘Donate Now’. Here you will be asked to answer a few simple questions to qualify your vehicle.
  • Fill out the donation form with your vehicle information, contact information.
  • Then submit your vehicle for donation.
  • You will then be contacted with instructions required such as where to drop off your vehicle.

My car hasn't run in years. Can I still donate it?

  • No, unfortunately we cannot accept non-running vehicles as they must be driveable to get to our location and then driveable from our location to the auction. In select circumstances we can pick-up the vehicle if the driver is unable to do so.

What if my vehicle is not registered?

  • Legal proof of ownership is required. Therefore, we would need to receive the most current vehicle registration, even if it is expired. If you do not have this, you can obtain a "proof of last vehicle registration’" letter from your local MOT registry office.

When will you pick-up my car?

  • After submitting your vehicle online, you will be contacted by us within a few business days. At that time, you can arrange the most convenient time for delivery of your vehicle.

Is my donation tax deductible?

  • Yes, your donation is tax deductable. You will receive an official tax deductable receipt directly from Habitat for Humanity Huronia / ReStore.